Sarah & Duck: Duck Plush Toy

Sarah & Duck fans can carry their own sidekick everywhere they go with this super-cuddly and 20cm-high soft toy! If you give duck a squeeze, he will quack for you, just like Duck in the well-loved Cbeebies television series!

Duck is Sarah’s slightly manic but endearing best friend and sidekick, as seen in the hit Cbeebies television series. Sarah is a polite and kind seven-year-old girl with big eyes and a green hat. Together, Sarah and Duck embark on simple but exciting adventures, exploring the world both near and far in their own imaginative and quirky way.

This toy is suitable for all babies (from birth) and children. If you’re looking for a Sarah toy, we have a plush of the same size in our shop – as well as a giant (60cm) non-quacking Duck toy and a matching Sarah toy!