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Christmas Baubles

Sarah & Duck Christmas Baubles:

Make your own Sarah, Duck and Donkey Baubles!

You will need:

Sarah ornament
duck ornament instructions
donkey ornament instructions

Instructions for Sarah:

  1. Take your ornament and remove the cap. Pour the “Buff” paint into the inside of the ornament (You do not have to fill the entire ornament with paint. Only pour in enough that will help you get a good coat on the inside of the ornament)
  2. Cover the opening of the ornament with a paper towel or a rag cloth. Use both hands to get a secure handle of the ornament, and then shake the ornament until the entire inside of the ornament is coated with paint ( Be careful not to drop the ornament, especially with glass).
  3. Cut a piece of paper towel roll (cardboard) and rest the ornament with the opening facing down. This will help drain the excess paint that is inside the ornament. Let the ornament dry overnight.
  4. Making Sarah’s Sweater: Take the Dark Pink felt and cut out a Large circle and a small circle (Use the size of your ornament to determine how big your large circle needs to be – You want the largest circle to cover at least 1/4 of the bottom of the ornament). Cut a medium sized circle out of the Light Pink Felt. Cut a small rectangle out of the red felt to make the zipper tab for Sarah’s sweater. Use the hot glue gun and glue the Large circle to the bottom of the ornament first. Then layer on the medium and small circle afterwards.
  5. Making Sarah’s Hair: Take the black felt and cut a rectangle long enough to cover 3/4 of the ornament surface (make sure the width of the rectangle you cut is at least 1.5 – 2 inches wide). Cut a zig zag pattern along the length of one side. Use the hot glue gun to attach the black felt to the ornament (leave enough space for Sarah’s facial features at the end of the the process).
  6. Making Sarah’s Hat: Take the green felt and cut out a large circle. Find the middle of the circle and cut a small ‘X’. Place the circle on the top of the ornament and glue down with the hot glue gun (there will be a gap between the black felt and the green felt). Cut a long thin rectangle out of green felt. Glue this piece on the ornament, to cover the gap between the black and the green felt. Cut off any excess felt. Use small pieces of green felt to cover the ornament cap.
  7. Painting on Sarah’s Face: Take the black paint pen and draw the outline for Sarah’s eyes (if you make a mistake you can use nail polish remover as an “eraser”). Also use the black paint pen to draw on Sarah’s mouth. Paint the inside of Sarah’s eyes with White paint. Let sit to dry (you may have to outline the eyes with the black paint pen again when the paint dries) When the paint is dry, draw in the pupil of  Sarah’s eyes. For the final touch, use the Light pink paint to paint on Sarah’s rosy cheeks.
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